Traci Smith

Traci Smith

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Traci is a 36 year veteran in music, and just started Acoustix House in 2018, her new company that deals with booking talent for all events music related, talent buying, tours, and services for booking local, national, and international acts with her partner Ashley Norton, and they continue to be a supporter of the local community of musicians, and their music. Traci has built Brands like Placam SD (Promote Local Artists Clubs And Musicians, in San Diego) which is her social media promotional page on facebook that deals directly with the promotion and marketing of everything local, and the tag line is "Support Local." Her brand @Ninja Pixx Photography is about capturing live local music events like, KAABOO 2017, The Rock & Roll Reunion, 710 Battle of the bands, Roni Lee with Pat Travers at the Ramona Mainstage, and shows in local venues.  The San Diego Music Awards, New Mexico Music Awards, IndieFest, and the Temecula Music and Film Awards, are large music related events she's captured as an Official photographer just to name a few.  Red Giant Promo is her Brand that deals with brand building, and promotion through her Social Media Marketing channels, and helped to build Radio Bandiego, and The Changing Stage as part of the wsRadio family. Her role as the Community and Social Media Manager at wsRadio  helped to create a platform for many musicians in town. Traci Smith's radio show "GURLZ TALK RAWK" on facebook  will give musicians an avenue  to let loose, talk about their passions, and about the creativity behind their original music. When Gurlz Talk Rawk, people listen and is "Where Musicians Creativity, Finds It's Voice." On Demand @TheGurlzTalkRawkShow on facebook, every Wednesday #LiveAt5pm, and find the website at
Her heart, though is in the connection, networking and collaboration with others of like mind. Communication is key- and GURLZ TALK RAWK is the perfect platform to promote So Cal/ San Diego Musicians that love to Talk Rawk and the music industry related topics.

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