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Acoustix House Presents

Acoustix House Presents Acoustix House Presents
Acoustix House Presents: Lisa Sanders Legends show.
One of a kind performer, Singer/Songwriter Lisa Sanders comes to Koi Zen Cellars Craft Winery on February 2nd, 2019, 5:30p to 8:30p
12225 World Trade Dr, Ste. P San Diego, California 92128     Highlights info row image(858) 381-2675

Lisa Sanders is a world renowned artist, songwriter, and producer. Sanders has worked with musical legends including the Truckee Brothers, Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Al Green, BB King and Babyface. Her heartfelt songs are genuine with deep meaning and conviction. A musical style that can only be described as a soulful country blues, her genres include folk pop, gospel, rock and jazz. Sanders is now touring as a powerhouse duo with harmony singer Karen “Brown Sugar” Hayes” on their 8th album release and San Diego Music Awards nomination. Lisa is a treasured San Diego Legend, and this is a show not to be missed.




Booking Agent/Talent Buyer for Koi Zen Cellars Craft Winery

Acoustix House is the Booking agent/Talent buyer for Koi Zen Cellars Craft Winery in San Diego, CA. We create amazing shows called: Acoustix House Presents: with World Class Wine and Song Acoustix Nights which are free to the general public, and Legends shows staring Local San Diego Legends in a listening room style set up.

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Partner with Duck and Decanter Phoenix, Arizona

We are now partners and book artists at this great local establishment The Duck and Decanter in Phoenix, Arizona. This business has been a staple in that area for 40 years, and they provide an amazing place to see an incredible musician.

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Partner with The Listening Room Phoenix

Acoustix House is a Partner at this amazing venue "The Listening Room Phoenix". If your an acoustic musician that's looking for a venue that is a true Listening Room experience, then this is your venue. We are proud to be a partner with this incredible venue as we are booking our National and International touring artists at this beautiful space.

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Partner with Indie Air Radio

Acoustix House has teamed up with Indie Air Radio, a curated, artist owned fair trade media company and Internet radio station. Their commercial free, publicly accessible broadcast stream is similar to public and community radio. Growing their creative community and connecting listeners to their unique podcast programming and musical artists is their top priority.

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Partner with Winter Records Based in Nashville, Tennessee

Acoustix House is the tour booking agent for Winter Records, based out of Nashville, Tennessee and we are working with the labels musicians to book their National and International tours. On Social Media they can be found on facebook at: @winterrecordsnashville and on the web at: http://www.winterrecordsnashville.com/

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Partner & Supporter De Oro Mine Co.

De Oro Mine Co. is a direct sponsor of Acoustix House & all musician's in San Diego, CA.

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Partner of Acoustix House

Acoustix House has teamed up this local Business Studio At CCMA in San Diego that provide professional services that we don't. Please check out this great local place that provides the best services in their field in the music industry.

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Partner of Acoustix House

Moze Guitars in La Mesa, CA. is your stop for all sales and repairs on your musical equipment.

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National and International Tour Booking

Acoustix House is the exclusive tour booking agent for Winter Records based in Nashville, and If your an acoustic solo, duo, trio, or band and want to book the tour of your dreams, we can do this for you. We have over 15 years experience in touring, booking, and logistics to help you realize your dream of touring across the Southwest, Midwest, and Northwest with a 4 month lead time. We also offer Europe tours, and require a 1 year lead time to make it all come together for you. It's time to book the tour you have always wanted to do, but just never knew how. We are here to help.

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Social Media/ Brand Building with @RedGiantPromo

If your not savvy in the world of Social Media and all the platforms that are offered, that's where we come in. We have been building brands for 20+ years, and navigating this crazy world is a daunting task, unless you have the necessary skill set. The algorithms, whether to pay to boost, groups, email lists, or you just promoting yourself is the last thing you want to worry about when your a musician that just wants to play music. That's why we are important to your musical career.

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Electronic Press Kit/Photography/Videography with @NinjaPixx

If your a band, solo, duo, or trio, and need an EPK for promotion and to submit to Talent buyers/ Booking agents, we have you covered. We are booking agents and we know what makes you and your artistry stand out from the crowd of musicians, so you can get noticed by the right people in the Industry. If you don't have professional photos, promotional videos, or anything else you need to move your project forward, that's where we can help. We do all these things at reasonable rates, so you can count on us to make you look good. @NinjaPixx offers: Photography, Videography, and building your press kit.

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Website Building

The last thing you want to worry about is how to build a website, and make it look professional. We offer these services so you can focus on the things that are important, like getting the gigs. Most bands don't have a person that can create a good website, so that's where we come in. Fennel Commander Studios is a website building and social media management company that can assist you with creating your online presence and tailor it to give your fans a welcome home on the Internet. Head over to http://fencomstudios.com to learn more.

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Tour Booking Information/Pricing list

Below you will find the pricing and requirements for booking a tour through Acousitx House. When you have all your documentation ready, email ashley@acoustixhouse.com to get her started working on your musical journey. Ashley will instruct you on where to send payment after she's worked it out with you. We offer many services that bands need and want to make you look more professional, and we love to help if you need that. Contact us today.

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Merchandise For Bands

We offer merchandise for bands of all kinds, whether your on tour or not, all bands need to put their mark on something your fans can gravitate to. It's time to take your image and logo to the next level, so contact us for all your merchandise needs. Custom Drum Heads, T-Shirts, Hats, Dog Tags, and what ever you can think of.

Graphics, Posters/Band Logos with Acoustix House

I am here to make you look good with any graphics you need for your band or up coming shows. I create posters, and band Logos, and much more.

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Our Brilliant Team

Traci Smith


See Traci's bio in the description below.

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Ashley Norton


Ashley is a welcome addition to Acoustix House, she is the tour booking agent for national, international, and local tours.

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About Acoustix House

About Acoustix House
When you love music and can't live without music in your life, that's when you want and need me the most. When a professional musician shows up at your house for your guests and special event, that's exactly when you want me to send over the right musicians.

My working relationship with over 60 acoustic artists, hundreds of working bands, solo, duo, and trio's of professional players is unmatched. I built acoustic programs for San Diego, CA. companies and businesses, and created a business from what I love the most, Music.

With passion and drive like this, why look any further for a professional individual that can handle all your needs in the music industry. I have a love for photography, videography, graphics, social media, brand building, and I have been interviewing local San Diego artists for 3 years now, on @GurlzTalkRawk and I understand the local market.

I recently added a new partner Ashley E. Norton who knows her business like I do, has the passion and drive like I have, and booking National and International tours is her specialty. It's exciting when it all comes together in a nice neat package, is streamlined and smooth, and is handled in a fast efficient way to get you going on the acoustic tour of your dreams.

Talk to us today and let's get you on the road to success with your music. Let us know how we can help.


  • 8/11/2018 12:00 AM

I am here to facilitate the hiring of acoustic professionals for your next event. I have worked in the music industry for 30+ years with artists in all genre's and I assure you I only work with the best. Call me for any musical need, whether it's a corporate event, wedding, house party, winery, brewery, or just a back yard party for a friends Birthday.


Local San Diego Musician's

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  • Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California, United States
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